The Language Of My Soul


  1. No Nation Can Rise Higher Than It´s Woman
  2. Human Nature
  3. Baby Face
  4. Cold Cold World
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Father You Will Always Be
  7. 19 There´s Power in That Number
  8. Still
  9. Cuba Libre
  10. Here I Go Again
  11. Time to Make a New Man

About the Language of My Soul album

This album CD opens with a Jazzy flow on “No Nation Can Rise Higher Than Its Woman” which was inspired by global mistreatment of women and delves into the universal principle stated by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that the level women are on is the level that that nation is on.  This song reaches out to all, to protect and prepare their daughters with unconditional love and the critical need for education.  ‘Cuba Libre’ takes you on a Latin journey filled with violin leads through the blessed Island of Cuba where the message, written in Spanish, conveys the reality that Rasul found in Cuban society and culture that they are free in spite of the blockade and they are blessed with the greatest of all wealth, it’s people.  ‘Forgiveness’ is flavored with Reggae rhythms and states “all I need is your forgiveness …” Here I Go Again tempts the old school Doo-Wop while grooving to the melodious sway of self-reflection asking to be shown the way.  ‘Human Nature’ bursts on the scene with a soulful rhythm emphatically stating that it’s just human nature feeling the need to be a part – why can’t we all just get along without some feeling the need to control others.  The funky guitar leads on “19 There’s Power in the Number” kicks up a storm and takes you back to the days when bands ruled! It was inspired by his mother, Tynetta Muhammad, who has studied the number 19 and its mathematical code and relationship to God in the Holy Quran.  ‘Still’ is a strong R&B intimate song that digs deep into the mind and soul for answers to the question “will you still love me and keep me in your prayers? Will you believe me when I try to change? Will you love me Still?” Its synthesized intro pulls the love strings through sensations of the heart, mind, and soul!