I Heard It All



  1. I Heard It All

“It feels amazing when you witness greatness, and you’re apart of a transformation that seemed impossible in the beginning. Nevertheless, that proves that with hard work and discipline anything is possible. More importantly, when you put your heart and soul in what you do, you can’t go wrong. Mic-Check has implemented these principles with his new installment, “M-Dolla Vol 1”. The mix tape will definitely draw the attention from true Hip-Hop fans. Mic Check displays his unique flow, and his lyrical ability that ‘ll immediately grab your attention. The tracks “No Co-Sign”, “False Gods”, “5am”, “Angels”, and “Alright” are guaranteed to be fan favorites. It is true, that Mic Check took a very meticulous approach in the creation of his works. The mix tape features Staten Island natives, Fes Taylor (TwoFourWar), Lot-A- Nerv, Kay Fem, and Nyce Dafuture of (Nueliphe World). This project will be a sure fire download. The singles False Gods, and Bars videos are currently being featured on thisis50. Blackout City Films directed all videos. The mix tape has the potential to propel the P.A. bred MC, to new heights and can gain him immediate respect in the industry. M-Dolla offers the world of Hip-Hop something fresh and something new, which is definitely needed to expand our art form and the state of music. February 2015 get ready for one of the hottest mix tapes of the year, “M-Dolla Vol 1” Shawn Bostic