There are some people who talk about what needs to be done to improve the issues that plague our communities, and those who restlessly move out on those ideas to make an impact. Renowned journalist, blogger, and motivational speaker, Jesse Muhammad, would be among the latter. Known by most as simply Brother Jesse, the Houston-native has become a respected change-maker through his ongoing commitment to serving others and encouraging Black youth in particular to recognize their greatness. It’s an honor to share his current widespread effort – The Teachings Tour. 

A seasoned social media strategist, Brother Jesse has been on a non-stop mission to use the power of the Internet to spread awareness and positivity, while continuing hands-on actions within the community.

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Brother Jesse after at recent tour stop at The Innovative Concept Academy in St. Louis

In promotion of his latest project, he has embarked on the “The Teachings 2.0″ book tour, taking a message of empowerment initiated by the work of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan to young people across the country. After creating a huge youth-led movement of thought-provoking and spiritually enlightening tweets by assisting Minister Farrakhan with his social media presence – which has incited powerful dialogue under the highly-popular #AskFarrakhan and #TheTime hashtags – the first edition of “The Teachings 2.0″ was released last year as a much anticipated compilation of the Minister’s tweets of wisdom.


Already well-received in cities such as Philadelphia, New York, and Phoenix over the last several months. Brother Jesse’s most recent tour stop in Chicago was a climatic experience as he was honored by some of the young people who have been touched and motivated by his work. Taking place in the headquarters of the Nation of Islam,  the Windy City stop included presentations and appearances by Hurt 2 Healing publisher Ebony S. Muhammad, modest fashionista and blogger Halimah Nia Muhammad, and Cincinnati-based hip hop artist, Brother Michael 6X.

teachings-tour2  Left to right: City Muslimah’s Jameelah Calloway, Hurt 2 Healing publisher Ebony S. Muhammad,  fashion blogger Halimah Nia Muhammad

The night was full of special moments as Brother Jesse was surprised with a video presentation from family and friends. Some of the young people involved in the Farrakhan Twitter Army also shared love, gratitude, and appreciation for his work.

After presenting on the topic of social media warfare, Brother Jesse closed with this call-to-action: “If you don’t remember anything else today, remember these two words: Follow Farrakhan” and reminded the audience  he is a witness bearer to Minister Farrakhan ‘s work and light.

For more on Brother Jesse’s historic tour head over to Hurt 2 Healing magazine for a detailed recap and ongoing coverage.

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